For me 2018 was a fun year for being creative and flower arranging with materials from my own garden and local Salt Spring Island market flowers. I also took the time to get out my big camera and although my photography is far from perfect it sure beats my iphone pictures!

It’s so hard as a florist and gardener to pick a favourite season for flowers, but if I had to choose today, I would say spring!! There is nothing quite like the ruffles of peonies, and as a focal flower it’s tough to beat. The coral charm peony has been a favourite for years due to the incredible color variations that occur while it ages, but this past spring a new locally grown peony stole my heart. I wish I knew the name of it! It is a soft yellow with a burgundy center and the smell is absolutely intoxicating. Growing peonies are a must for any flower lover. They take a couple years to establish and really start producing but so worth the wait. If you are interesting in growing peonies check out this link.


Coral charm peonies, Icelandic poppies, Columbine, Lady’s Mantle and chestnut tree greens


Yellow peonies, loosestrife, iris, columbine, Japanese maple and sword fern