This wedding at the Sea Cider Farm on Vancouver Island was such a pleasure to work on. The bride gave me a lot of creative freedom which I am always thankful for. When creating these wedding day florals I was mostly inspired by the words in one of her first emails ” branches, vines and botanical things make me happy”.

My favorite part of this spring wedding was the bouquet!¬† Well, and the local ranunculus and lilacs from Nine Bark Farm. The bride really wanted lots of greenery used throughout the whole wedding, the harvest tables had runners of three different types of eucalyptus, the ceremony barrels were filled with large rustic branches and her bouquet was mostly various shades of greenery. Originally the bride had requested an all greenery bouquet with some thistle, but seeing as this was a May wedding and I knew a very sweet woman in my neighbourhood who grew the most amazing peonies I just knew a simple white peony was the way to go. At first her initial response was “no peonies” but after a little back and forth she agreed. And I think in retrospect she was glad she did. A couple months after the wedding she sent me a thank you card that mentioned she loved her bouquet so much that she now has a picture framed in her house.

All the photos in the post are by the talented Kelly Brown