This was my first wedding on Salt Spring Island since moving here in August 2017. I couldn’t have been more happier with the experience of working at Bullock Lake Farm. It was picture perfect, from the towering trees at the ceremony site, to the outdoor long table dining to the evening dancing under beautiful white lights in the coolest barn. I was extremely nervous about the fact that all the flowers for this wedding were sourced from only island farmers, Bullock Lake providing the majority. Once given a color scheme it’s up to the growers to supply you with what is available at that time. With working for almost a decade in the city of Victoria there were many options for flowers. If I felt like I didn’t have enough flowers or the right colors I could run around town and usually find what I was looking for. I can’t tell you how many times Harry’s Flowers in Oak Bay Avenue saved my life! So needless to say that moving to a small town and doing a completely island grown wedding was a little stressful as I never knew exactly what I was getting or the quantities. Luckily the bride was easy going and understood everything couldn’t be controlled when supplied locally. But in the end I was beyond happy with the outcome. With a mixture of dahlias, zinnias, scabiosa, snap dragons and hop vines everything came together as it always does. It was extremely satisfying on a creative level to work with such healthy fresh pesticide free flowers! I loved the color combos that were created with varying shades of peaches/oranges, soft pinks, burgundies and purples. It was also a pleasant surprise that the “day of wedding planner” was someone I had worked with before! Nicole from Details Event Planning in Victoria made sure all the lovely details were styled just right. I must say that I’m very excited to do more weddings on this beautiful island!

Photography: Apartment Photography