Today I am happy to share with you an interview with Wild Hill Botanicals, an organic skincare line based here on Vancouver Island. I always personally test all the products I use in my gift boxes and because of that I am now hooked on the  Nootka Rose cleansing clay. I just love knowing that there are no harsh chemicals being used on my skin and it always feels great supporting another small business. Continue reading to find out how this Vancouver Island couple got into distilling herbs and wild crafting beauty products.

1. Please introduce yourself and tell us a little about your company Wild Hill Botanicals.

We take pride in growing herbs on our little farm that backs onto East Sooke Park here on Vancouver Island. We infuse and distill the herbs that we grow and wild craft to formulate a traditional style of body care that focuses on simple, quality ingredients for skin.


2. How or why did you get into making beauty products?

A few years ago we took a workshop with Portland Apothecary in Washington State, and there, amongst the oil extracts and herb vinegars, we encountered our first botanical distillation. After that we both knew what we wanted to do on our property, and we began building up the farm and studying natural skincare.

From there we spent some time in San Fransisco with an ethnobotanist who is well known for her hydrosols and skincare formulations, and from this background the line developed into what it is today. Locally we are also very grateful to Dr. Ryan Drum of the Gulf Islands for both his writings and personal advice on the use of local seaweeds and herbs for skincare and health.


3. Does where you live influence your product?

In a nutshell, pretty much! In our  herbalism studies, the impetus to create the line came when we started learning about the uses of some of our most plentiful local botanicals. For example,  the Nootka Rose, Fireweed, as well as Usnea Lichen, Bladderwrack Kelp and Bull Kelp are a key part of the line.


4. What’s most important to you as a Canadian maker?

We like providing Canadian made products to our increasingly savvy market, and are really enjoying meeting Canadians at markets and hearing from them about what they want. We’ve been finding they are looking for something more refined, created with care, showcasing our country and its uniqueness.

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