Gift Box Feature – L Rempel Art

Gift Box Feature – L Rempel Art
In creating my gift boxes over this last year, I have discovered some talented and dedicated Canadian makers. Over the next few months I will introduce to you the talented people behind these products! First I am starting with L Rempel Art. If you love watercolour art and textiles then you will love this company….
 Tara McHugh Flora Gift Box
1. Please introduce yourself and tell us a little background about your business.
I am Lindsay from the “L” in  L Rempel Art. I started painting in University and fell in love. Painting and sculpture became a way to “capture” my experiences and document my life. I am inspired by things I find beautiful. That usually means florals, landscapes and bright colours. After I graduated from the University of Calgary, I continued to paint. Mostly doing commissions and small shows. I have always loved home decor and the idea of celebrating our spaces with things we find beautiful or functional. Transitioning my paintings onto textiles seemed an easy way to bridge my love of decor and my love of art. L Rempel textiles was born out of the wish to create functional art that added to your space.

Terrillee Dawn Photography

2. I currently carry your beautiful tea towels, but I have noticed you also print your art on other products. Can you tell us about your other products?
 I have been running my company for almost a year now. I started my textile line with tea towels to see if people were interested in my paintings as prints. It was received really well and so I began experimenting with other textiles that seemed to suit the artwork. Right now I make scarves, pillows, tea towels and blankets. There really is nothing sweeter than wrapping a baby in Art 🙂

Terrillee Dawn Photography

3. How does where you live influence your product?
We live in Okotoks AB. Right in the beautiful foothills and very close to the mountains. I am always being inspired by the landscape. The changing colours, the way the clouds roll, or the feeling you have when you stand at the base of a mountain. My paintings reflect my surroundings as I often paint the places I’ve visited.

Terrillee Dawn Photography

4. Running a small business is hard work as we all know. Do you have any tips for aspiring Canadian makers?
Running a business, being a Mom and wife and being a creative person… All takes a lot of balance. I don’t know that I’ve found that quite yet, but I can say that loving what you do helps it to not feel as difficult! When you love what you do, it’s so much more fun. I’d strongly encourage new makers to collaborate with others in similar fields. Some of my best moments were working with talented photographers, florists and other artists. Encouraging each other and challenging each other keeps you moving forward and also builds lasting relationships. Social media and pop up shows also allow makers to easily talk with their customers and help make decisions on products etc. Doing something you are passionate about translates into your work, and I think people see that and value it.
I would like to say a big thanks to Lindsay for taking the time to answer these questions!
 View more of Lindsay’s work on her website…..L Remple Art


  1. Love your tea towels what is your price point, would love to buy some.

    • Hi Pauline, the towels retail for $25.00. Email me if you want to pop over and see some.


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