I felt it was time to post a re-introduction for those of you who don’t know much about me.

I started TARA MCHUGH FLORA 7 years ago when I was pregnant with my second child. I had been a stay at home mom for years and was really needing a creative outlet. So I asked myself that age old question, what makes me really happy? The answer was, obviously flowers.

(photo: Spark and Whimsy)

So there I was glued to my computer trying to learn everything I could about flower arranging. I signed up for the only floral class I could find in Victoria and was seriously disappointed to come home with a triangle shaped arrangement in floral foam and a perfectly round bridal bouquet all in red roses! It was not what I had hoped for. So I was left to learn from Google and You Tube and good old fashioned trial and error. Back then there weren’t oodles of workshops as there seems to be these days!

However, a few years ago I was lucky enough to attend Floret Flower Farms very first workshop with New York florist Amy Merrick. At that workshop I experienced what it was like to design with a bounty of locally grown ingredients. I was exposed to the real movement that was happening among flower lovers. The movement to start caring about where your flowers come from.

In the early days, not only was I learning everything to know about flowers, but I was also learning about running a business. Including everything that goes along with it, bookkeeping, marketing, and social media, all the while breastfeeding and catering to a three year old! There were many late nights on the computer. There is always a juggling act when you are a “mompreneur” and luckily I’m pretty good at winging it when I have to. Having a business is like having another child, you need to spend time with it everyday to help it grow.

So seven years in, my flower journey continues, and maybe if the stars align I will have my own little flower shop one day. But until then, I need more than just flowers to keep me satisfied. Which is why this past year I have been working on my latest endeavour, my gift boxes!!

I am super excited about these beautiful  boxes as they feature “made in Canada” handmade products. Products we can all feel good about buying and using. From weddings, new babies to new homes, there is something for all occasions. With my online gift shop I hope to make gift giving easier for all you stylish gift givers!

(photo: Eternal Reflections Photo)

I have always been thankful for others supporting me and I am now very excited to be supporting other small Canadian businesses. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing interviews with some of the talented Canadian makers whose goods fill my boxes. So stay tuned…

Thanks for reading.