Today’s blog post is about wedding trends for 2015. I recently asked Women of Weddings member Anne Pollock of Party Mood to share some of her thoughts on this year’s trends. Party Mood creates swoon worthy weddings and events with unique ideas, styling expertise, experienced planning, and coordination on the day of the wedding or event.  They also offer a great source for interesting décor rentals which can be viewed on their site  at

What colors and combinations are we seeing more of this year?
We are seeing 3 color palettes – sherbets, carnival, and burgundy reds
Sherbet colors include soft pastels, blush, pale blue, pale yellow, light greens

Bright “Carnival” Colors are reds, oranges, yellows, pinks, green, and marsala (burgundy)

Marsala is Pantone’s color of the year. It is a muted burgundy, classic, easy to mix with both the soft and the bright colors, plus neutrals.

Screen shot 2015-05-19 at 9.20.56 PM

Can you tell us some new “experience” trends that brides and grooms can incorporate into their wedding day?  

This year we will see the further emergence of
-Wedding Piñatas
-Kissing Menu Cards: singing, dancing, storytelling, answering questions, demonstrating a kiss, marriage advice, or a sentimental toast.
-“Ring for a Kiss” using a cowbell
-“Donate To a Cause” for a kiss
-Selfie stations
-Temporary tattoos
-Go Pros, selfie sticks, drones
-Flatbed trailers as a food zone



As for décor and accent metals what new exciting things can we expect to see more of in the next couple of years?

Copper is the biggest trend coming in right now, followed by muted bronze.  We’ll continue to see rose gold as brides love this color.
Garden Floral Print Tablecloths are just arriving on the scene
Globe Lights Strings, Edison Bulbs, and Marquee Signs continue to be very popular
Old Wood Ladders, wood stacked boxes, wood serving trays are in hot demand for backyard weddings.

Tara McHugh Flora copper

(photo: Jesse Holland Photography)


(photo: Spark and Whimsy Photography)

What is the key for couples when planning their overall wedding look?  And how do they stay unique in the age of the “Pinterest” wedding. 

Today’s bride wants a very personal and unique experience.  Although Pinterest is inspirational, wedding ideas can quickly become overdone and no longer unique.  The key to establishing your look is to not mix too many different inspirational styles together – stick to the type of couple you are and work within it, such as bohemian, glam etc. To create original weddings, I ask brides to think of what items they can borrow from their family circle to use as accent décor at their ceremony and reception.   I also recommend incorporating a guilty pleasures that they like to eat and drink.  To spark other ideas I ask what they like to hang out and do together, and what spare time interests can we tap into.  I tell people to let the imaginations run wild with outrageous ideas and then pick something that you can actually make a version of that works for you.  Lastly, do they have any inside jokes with their friends that we could bring in to the experience?  By using these tips, couples will create a personal unique look and experience.


(photo: Tunde and Tamara)

Thanks so much to Anne for sharing with us all of these great wedding trends for 2015!

*all photos from Pinterest unless otherwise mentioned