It is lilac season!! It doesn’t last long so NOW is the time to make this bouquet. I have mixed $10.00 worth of grocery store flowers that are readily available in spring with some fresh garden lilacs and hosta leaves.

What you will need for this arrangement is the following:

– one bunch of purple tulips (any shade will work)

– one bunch of white alstroemeria (I love when the freckles coordinate with the palette)


– 3 to 5 stems of lilacs (depending on how many blooms are on each branch)

– 2 hosta leaves (the bright green variegated ones from my garden really pop)


After you have chosen a vase, start by placing all the lilacs in first.


Next add the hosta leaves.


Then two or three alstroemeria stems. There are usually five in a bunch so you will have some left over. Or at the end feel free to add more and make a larger arrangement.


And finally the tulips. Here I used a very deep purple parrot tulip which sometimes can cost slightly more than regular tulips but totally worth the splurge! When they open they are magnificent! I find it most effective to clump the tulips in twos and threes instead of as singles which you may be more inclined to do.


As soon as I finished this arrangement, I remembered I have a gorgeous purple footed glass vase from my grandmother. I don’t have any purple in my house but I have started to use this vase every spring. I will forever think of my grandmother every spring as I fill it with aromatic lilacs!


Isn’t it kind of shocking how the vase changes the whole look and feel!! Needless to say I kept the arrangement in the purple vase and my dining room is very happy.

I hope you are inspired to mix your garden flowers with simple grocery store blooms to make swoon worthy arrangements for your home.

I always love a challenge, do you have a flower you would like me to do a DIY with? Leave a comment below and I will see what I can do.