Do you feel like you have been seeing a lot more ranunculus these days? They are giving garden roses a run for their money if you ask me. The size of some of the ranunculus we are seeing from Japan and Italy are incredible! They come in a whole rainbow of beautiful colors. When buying a bunch of ranunculus the exciting thing to me, is that sometimes there is a lot of color variation within the one bunch. And this is what makes a floral arrangement more interesting. So many other flowers come as a solid color, and it is much more restricting design wise.


They have a very long vase life and actually get more beautiful as they age. They just keep opening and their ruffled petals are like the finest tissue paper. They are a costly flower compared to more standard grocery store flowers many people are used to seeing. But so worth every dollar!!



(all photos by Spark and Whimsy Photography)

I haven’t experimented much with growing them yet but this may be my year! If you have any tips about growing ranunculus in your backyard please share in the comments below. We would all love to learn more!