Muscari, also commonly known as grape hyacinth is one of my favorite spring flowers in the garden. Like most spring flowering bulbs, the planting time for muscari is fall. Choose a site with avarage soil that drains well. Grape hyacinth bulbs will rot if planted in a site that remains wet. Like most small flowering bulbs they look best if planted in large quantities.

(Spark and Whimsy Photography)

Unlike many spring blooming bulbs muscari bulbs produce foliage late in the summer, and this foliage stays evergreen until the plants finish blooming in the spring. You must leave this foliage in place to nourish the plant; only during the onset of summer dormancy is it OK to remove muscari leaves.


(Tara McHugh Flora)

They work best in small arrangements due to their short stem length. And they are just perfect on their own in the tiniest vase you can find!


(Tara McHugh Flora)