Last year I admired many floral bouquets online which used ‘dusty miller’, but it is something that I rarely see for purchase. I then started noticing it growing in various yards around the city. I then started getting urges to take my scissors out on dark evenings and snip from over grown plants in my neighborhood. BUT, don’t worry I didn’t do any trespassing. I just bought a couple plants at the garden center and planted them in pots around my yard. Problem solved. They didn’t get as big as I’d hoped but maybe next year. I was able to snip a few pieces here and there and enjoy them in the house for Christmas. I just love the color of the silver leaves and not to mention the velvety feel. And paired with cream, a perfect combo I’d say.
My plan for the spring and summer is to plant as many flowers as I can in pots on my deck and over at my in-laws house (my mother-in-law has a few raised beds I can use). Usually when I purchase flowers for a job, I have two options. Local flowers (which mostly seem to be grown on the mainland) and imports (Columbia, Costa Rica etc.). But I would love to be able to offer my clients garden flowers someday for those who are more concerned about pesticides etc. My latest blog obsession and inspiration is Check it out if you want to see the life of an organic flower farmer outside of Seattle! Are you concerned with where your flowers come from and how they are grown?