I can’t believe it’s November 22 and we already have our tree up! I totally gave in to the begging from my four year old daughter as I’ve never had a tree (artificial) up in November before. But hey, they are only little once and soon WE will be begging them to quit texting and help decorate the tree.

Christmas is my favorite holiday to decorate for, and I’m sure I’m not alone. Using flowers and greenery in your decor is a great way to bring life to your space.

Here are a few of my favorite and simple decorating tips:

1) Add small vases to shelving displays and fill them with long lasting holiday greenery. I love to use baby eucalyptus, it has a great aroma and will even dry out and still look good.

2) I like to put my poinsettia in a white modern shaped pot. Choose a pot to complement your decor.

3) One of the easiest things to do is to fill any large vase with a mass of one type of greenery. Remember, the more the better!

4) Fill vases or bowls with ornaments, pine cones or nuts. You can even tie ribbon on the top of each ornament for added color and texture.

5) When you can, use satin ribbon! It’s just so luxurious and has a beautiful sheen. Velvet would be great too. Add bows to staircases, mantles, and pillows.

6) And of course you can’t forget paperwhites and amaryllis. These are staples in holiday decorating! I like when every room has a hint of Christmas whether it’s flowers or just ornaments in a bowl. So don’t forget your bedroom or your guests’ bedroom. Place a nice amaryllis on the dresser or simply some cedar filled vases on the nightstand. It will surely be appreciated.

So be inspired this up coming holiday season and decorate to your hearts content!