I love to use potted flowers especially when life gets busy. Are you are a flower lover? And always trying to have fresh flowers in the house? Well, let’s face it, fresh flowers can be high maintenance. Changing water, cutting stems, removing dead flowers, buying new flowers, it all takes time. So, potted flowers are a great alternative to use in your home. But, what is not allowed in your home decor is the plastic pot…… so cover it up please! Right now beautiful cyclamen are available, and I love using their bold colors in my home.

My dining room feels empty unless I always have something on the table. Although, I will admit most of the time my flowers are surrounded by bags, school work, snack containers, laundry, you name it!

Flowers for me just finish a space. I probably could have just done one here but they were so darned affordable I couldn’t resist! These would also be great on a coffee table. Go and treat yourself today!