Flower crowns are still a very popular choice for brides and flowers girls. And they can add a serious wow factor to your overall wedding day style. If you feel like a flower crown just doesn’t fit your wedding day look, but still love the idea of flowers in your hair consider pinning a few simple blooms into your hair style. Sharon Rai from Sharon Rai Hair and Makeup Artistry pinned these individual hellebore blooms and camellia bloom in with bobby pins and the effect is very striking!

TaraMcHughFlora-hair flowers 1(photo: Deanna McCollum Photography)

What you need to consider:

1. How long will these blooms be in my hair? Do you have a different look for the ceremony and reception?

If you plan on having the flowers in your hair the whole day and night your florist will need to provide you with very hardy flowers. Orchids, mums, lots of various greens, hypericum berries, small succulents or air plants would all be good options. If your hair stylist is with you for the whole day she can swap out any wilted flowers if using more delicate blooms. Just be sure to order extras from your florist to have on hand.

2. What time of year and how hot is it going to be on your wedding day?

If you are getting married in the hottest month of the summer you need to be sure to stay away from delicate blooms. There is nothing worse than seeing wilted flowers in pictures!

Tara McHugh Flora -vest

(photo: Deanna McCollum Photography)

Creating a sort of floral “hair piece”  is perfect if using very hardy flowers like orchids. I wire and glue various materials together almost like making a big boutonniere, which the stylist can then pin in on the day.

Wearing flowers in your hair is not just for brides and flower girls. How about all the bridesmaids? Or the mother of the bride?

Whatever you decide, wearing blooms in your hair will definitely bring out your inner flower goddess, so enjoy!